Leading High Performance Teams is a 2-day Masterclass designed to equip established managers and leaders with the skills they need to have an immediate, positive impact on their teams’ performance. The masterclass will be back again in 2020, register your interest here.
Led by the world renowned performance and leadership expert, Malcolm Dawes, this masterclass is designed to help you: 
  • Be the leader your organisation needs to support growth or navigate through business or industry uncertainty and change 
  • Build influential relationships with your team and others in the organisation 
  • Lead a team that is aligned with your organisational expectations and positively impacts the bottom line 
  • Move people past team conflicts and diffuse the tension 
  • Develop a team that is all working towards the same company deliverables
  • Become a leader your team respects and looks to in a crisis 
  • Develop a motivational strategy that will get team members going above and beyond

A summary of the takeaways from the Leading High Performance teams masterclass roadshow from 2019

From not-for-profit organisations, to major multinationals; railway companies to medical and aged care services; lawyers to salespeople, and CEOs to fire safety engineers - they were all there.
Those attending did, however, have two things in common:  
  • feeling the need to understand the people in their teams
  • wanting to understand how to enable high levels of team performance
They also recognised that whatever the business you are in, it is vital to know how our beliefs and emotions impact our interactions with each other.  The lack of consequences was also a commonality.  Consequences are not only those associated with poor performance – what about the consequences of high performance? This is all too often overlooked.  Why?  It seems that many workplaces do not have the right level of performance standards.  Hence it is challenging to have an objective measure.  This means managers are left to their own subjectivity as a measure of performance.
There were many examples discussed within the differing groups around the four State Capitals.  Several of these examples were about the ‘toxic’ workplace.  This toxicity was always brought about by one or more individuals behaving inappropriately.  That behaviour can range from being verbally aggressive – the use of offensive language – or threats to job security.  Such as a manager threatening a team member with the ‘consequence’ of poor performance – in other words look for another job.
The focus of each masterclass was to examine how our beliefs, emotions and behaviour impact on the way we interact in the workplace.  Hence any unwelcomed behaviours can be understood and dealt with; and also how to use positive behaviours to gain trust and engagement.Of course, looking at emotions and behaviours also has a wealth of application in less toxic environments.  We addressed the elements of motivation, performance improvement, interaction effectiveness with communication and a wide range of associated skills.
No matter what business or organisation you work in; having a good understanding of how people behave the way they do will help immensely with creating a high performance team.
If you feel this masterclass could benefit your colleagues within your organisation, contact Sam Moore on 02 9188 8950 for bespoke training options. 

Masterclass Facilitator

Malcolm Dawes

Managing Director

DTA Worldwide

World renowned performance and leadership expert.
Malcolm is the most sought after authority on people performance and effectiveness. He is an expert in showing managers and leaders how to increase their interaction effectiveness through behavioural change. For many years, Malcolm has experienced first-hand the struggles leaders face with accelerating the performance of their teams.
He has appeared on numerous radio interviews, in the Australian Financial Review Business Magazine and on TV’s “The Profitability Channel”. Throughout the span of his career, Malcolm has worked across a wide variety of industries including pharmaceutical and medical, retail, banking and finance and a variety of small to medium businesses.
In Malcolm’s book Team Performance: Why Can't We All Get Along? Malcolm dispels 10 myths that many senior leaders have about unlocking the true potential of their teams. He highlights core issues of human nature and shows how understanding behaviours as a leader and co-worker is the key to team effectiveness.
This masterclass contains examples of real-world experiences from all levels of people in a wide range of industries. Malcolm is passionate about helping businesses find the elusive answers to their people issues. 

Why Attend

  • Understand the leadership landscape in the modern workplace and identify the critical skills required 
  • Know the different behavioural styles of others and how to better communicate with people 
  • Develop a team that is consistently working towards the common interest 
  • Become a leader your teams respect and looks to for guidance 
  • Gain practical skills to make an immediate positive impact on a team’s performance tomorrow 
  • Grow your emotional intelligence and self-awareness muscle to get the best out of everyone 
  • Build a motivation strategy to support a team’s output and the organisations bottom line 
  • Discover strategies to move past team conflicts  

Who Should Attend

  • Current or aspiring people managers or leaders 
  • Organisational Leaders or executives 
  • General Managers 
  • Department Managers 
  • People and Performance Managers 
  • Team leaders and senior team leaders 


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